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Intelligent LED Ball

An animated sphere of eye-catching light, the LED Ball has a 360o viewing angle and can also be displayed on a flat surface or mounted upside-down from the

Its eye-catching, classy design attracts attention and gets your message seen. Colour logos, text, communicative messages and animated sequences are broadcast in a variety of display options. The LED Ball is portable and works very well under most lighting conditions.

Artwork can be updated and replaced via a direct PC or laptop connection, by simply changing a memory card (Optional) or via remote GPRS connection (Optional).

Intelligent LED Ball Intelligent LED BallIntelligent LED Ball


iBall 300

LED Ball 300

Technical Specifications

>> Size: Diameter: up to 500mm, Height: up to 580mm 500mm
>> Images are 85 super bright RGB LEDs High
>> Can display images, animations and text
>> 64Mb memory for storing images
>> ‘Stand alone’ operation
>> Update locally using PC and ‘Spacial Display Editor’ software included
>> Update remotely by using GPRS
>> Desk or ceiling mounted
>> Inside or outside use. Housing is water resistant
>> Dome is made of Polycarbonate
>> 24V Operation

iBall 500

LED Ball 500 

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