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EL Point of Sale (POS)

EL products can be custom created for nearly any application, including small table signs, large POS displays, table talkers, interactive mirrors, bar/crash mats and removable window decals (Sticky EL).


EL Table Talkers

The Flat Panel EL Table Talker light stands on a battery powered base (optional mains adaptor) and can be die cut to any shape required. The on / off switch turn the lights on and off whilst the sequence button changes the light sequences. The flat panel el bases can accomodate changing the EL Panels so can be used for various campaigns.

Larger mains operated EL Table Talkers are ideally used as a night light, bar light, point of sale item or just a decorative branded item.

EL Barmat

Combining waterproof EL and rubber mats creates a extremely practical and eye-catching solution for point of sale counters at bars, quick shops, retailers etc. These mats can be run off batteries and triggered by movement add interactivity and save power.

Combining the EL mats with solar chargers, creates a remarkable and self-sustaining POS solution.

EL Mirror

Animated poster hidden behind a mirror, the motion sensor turns backlight animation on / off as person moves by.

The applications are endless and allow you to customise the interaction. 

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