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Firewater Light Divisions

Firewater Light has five specialist divisions, which supply a range of creative lighting solutions to meet all of your event, advertising, point of sale (POS), activation and promotional needs.


Promotional Lighting Products

We manufacture and customise a wide variety of illuminated products with your company logo. From branded projector key chains to glowing ice buckets, we embrace the sense of sight to create unique and eye-catching promotional solutions that are both crowd teasers and brand pleasers.



Using various lighting technologies, we conceptualise, design, prototype, programme and build new and original illuminated items that suit your promotional needs. With over 10 years of experience and a flair for the creative, you can bring us almost any crazy branding idea or campaign and we'll create a customised, modern and innovative lighting solution for you.


Electroluminescence (EL)

We use EL to effectively brand, illuminate and animate anything from t-shirts to posters, billboards, buildings and vehicles. Its paper-thin and flexible design means the possibilities are virtually limitless.


Lighting Solutions

Do you have an existing item that you want lit up? We supply, stock and source a selection of highly adaptable lighting products and accessories that can be used to meet your lighting requirements. Whether you want LED strips or waterproof lighting, we'll supply it and illuminate your item for you.



For those One-night events or monthly campaigns, you can rent a number of premium lighting products from us. Guaranteed to grab attention and keep clientele talking long after their initial brand engagement, these products will transform any event into a memorable one. 

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