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EL Posters

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Backlighting EL is the traditional application of EL lamps. It forms a consistent flat light source that is flexible enough to wrap around pillars. It generates no heat as it consumes little power.

It is mainly used in high-class mood lighting and display backlighting where the elegant design has an irreplaceable advantage over traditional lamps.

Backlight EL can be used with our standard drivers or special effects drivers to bring fading and flashing effects to a poster.

Flex Bender Wings EL PosterSome advantages of Backlighting EL over traditional light boxes & display units:

  • EL Poster - FlexBenderConsumes little power & generates no heat
  • Highly mobile & can be rolled up
  • Thin as paper
  • Durable
  • Eye catching & can be animated
  • Can be run on batteries or mains
  • Integrates with sound & light sensors
  • Trigger pre-recorded messages 

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